Welcome to Hotel Bratsera in Hydra

Hydra is a small rocky island in the Argosaronic Gulf, one of the most cosmopolitan islands in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the easiest of the Greek islands to get to from the Athens International airport.

The town of Hydra built around the old harbour, is a preserved natural monument and the fact that has escaped the modern development and all kind of vehicles are prohibited, the unspoiled nature, makes the attractive island of Hydra an ideal location for unforgettable calm and relaxing vacations.

Bratsera was a popular word of Greek sponge divers of the last century, being the mother ship where they relaxed after solitary hours on the seafloor. After a stay in any large city one will feel the same about the Bratsera hotel on the island of Hydra.

The sponge factory established by Nickolaos Verneniotis in 1860 has been lovingly restored and turned into one of the most charming small hotels in Greece.

The building of the historic Hotel Bratsera stretches around a peaceful garden with a lovely pool, that seemes to have come out of a fairytale, and is not only 2 minutes away from the vibrant harbor, but also in a straight line from the harbor where the hydrofoils are stationed.

The architect of the hotel was awarded a EUROPA NOSTRA diploma in 1996 for his specific work of restoring the Bratsera.

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