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Hydra 180 40 Greece
Tel: +30-22980-53971
Fax: +30-22980-53626
MHTE: 0262K050A0068800
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A magical place, captive of the colour essence determined by an unbelievable light. Light every instant of the day transmuting each angle of street corners and bare rocks starred with wild flowers and the sea reflecting the four hundred churches and entire history of the island.

Hydra is a small rocky island in the Argosaronic Gulf, one of the most cosmopolitan islands in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the easiest of the Greek islands to get to from the Athens International airport.

The town of Hydra built around the old harbour, is a preserved natural monument and the fact that has escaped the modern development and all kind of vehicles are prohibited, the unspoiled nature, makes the attractive island of Hydra an ideal location for unforgettable calm and relaxing vacations.

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