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July 9, 2021 2024-05-24 11:47

The Bratsera Heritage

Bratsera Boutique Hotel unfolds a story rooted in maritime history. Originally a sponge factory, established by Nickolaos Verveniotis in 1860, this amazing space has been thoughtfully restored with total respect to its architectural design,  and has been transformed into a Historic Boutique hotel of unique ambience and charm. Aptly named Bratsera, paying homage to the place where fishing fleets once embarked on journeys for sponge harvesting. The name "Bratsera" reflects the Greek sponge divers' term for the mother-vessel, linking the hotel to the island's seafaring past.

Eat & Drink


Step into our captivating space, where history meets modern elegance, surrounding our open-air restaurant and swimming pool. Bratsera Restaurant is the perfect setting to experience lush scenery combined with impeccable service, in the heart of Hydra. As a local favorite, our regularly updated menu combines innovation with unwavering quality. Loved by regulars and visitors, our tempting cocktails complement our delectable dining, making us a sought-after destination in the area. Whether you're looking for an à la carte lunch or dinner, or planning a bigger celebration, we cater to larger groups with personalized menus and a dining experience that's anything but ordinary.

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Nestled in the Saronic Gulf, Hydra welcomes you with its picturesque scenery. Known for its cosmopolitan charm and easy access from Athens, the Hydra town unfolds gracefully around its old harbor. Here, the absence of cars creates an atmosphere of unhurried tranquility, inviting you to explore through narrow cobblestone streets, free to immerse yourself in its timeless beauty. As the sun sets over Hydra's picturesque landscapes, you'll discover why it has become a sought-after destination.

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Embracing Contemporary Comfort and Maritime Heritage

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