Accommodation – Virani Suite


The Virani Suite is the largest and most impressive room in the hotel.

It resulted from the conversion of the traditional office of the old building aged from 1760.

Similar rooms are existing in most of the Mansions of Hydra.

The restoration was based on exact copies of the materials and the techniques of the epoche.

The Suite extends in one level, with 5 wooden steps leading to the bathroom. The bathroom has a bathtub with a glass partition.

It has a large iron double queen size bed and a sofa convertible to a single bed.

The suite has no balcony, but 5 very large windows, characteristic of similar rooms (Viranis) of the Hydra Mansions.

Due to the special construction and style of this room, children are not allowed in there.

Total area 56 sq.m. Maximum capacity 3 persons.